Engi is a social enterprise that focuses on the effective and nonviolent management of conflict, nationally and internationally.

The word engi means 'interdependent, interconnected, inter-related'.

It reflects the view that conflict is rarely simple, and that transforming it demands the need to engage with - and balance - many different but connected areas, such as government, local communities, civil society, the military, the private sector and individuals.

The organisations that Engi has worked for and with include:

  • United Nations Development Program
  • United Nations Global Compact
  • Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  • Ministry of Defence (UK)
  • Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (UK)
  • British and Irish Agencies Afghanistan Group (BAAG)
  • Commonwealth Secretariat
  • A wide range of Cypriot civil society organisations

Through our consultancy services, training courses and Parliamentary advocacy, Engi creates opportunities for effective conflict management through new relationships, new ideas and new initiatives.